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Why Random Build Order or Unnecessary long Travel Moves

Sat Jun 22, 2019 8:25 am

I have a part with a large section of interior build similar to the picture.
When S3D is building these squares it doesn't build in a logical order such as first row, left to right but rather does one square then jump across the part to do another then back for another then across to another area.

This means a lot of travel moves that cause the nozzle to drag over squares that have already been printed for the layer.
The problem arises as these squares gain height and the nozzle drags across them and can knock them over.
Each square is about 5mm x 2mm so they are small but the part is large at 300x260mm so the travel moves are long.

Is there any way to get S3D to build these in a more logical order to avoid all of the unnecessary, lengthy travel moves and the possibility of collisions with the areas already printed?

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Re: Why Random Build Order or Unnecessary long Travel Moves

Sun Jan 26, 2020 4:04 pm

Did you figure anything out with this? I have a large print (600mm x 600mm or about 24" x 24") and have a lot circle islands. Usually after printing the islands, the print goes in such a random-like order to print the base that after a short period with so many retractions, it stops extruding. No knocking over like you but I think if it printed in a more systematic order, it wouldn't stop extruding because it would be continuously printing vs. the long travel distances it's going.

If you came across anything, I would appreciate hearing about it.

Thanks in advance, Adam
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