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Re: SLA Printing???

Support for the Anycubic Photon would be nice (actually even a reason to buy the long announced V5 if it was included in that release).
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Re: SLA Printing???

Same here I love Simplify3D but not supporting SLA printers like the Photon Mono is a real marketing mistake because there is plenty of free software out there that does. Maybe not a well as Simplify3d but it sends people away with a bad taste. When they want to fire off that SLA print and there is no support. Come on Simplify Team please make an SLA option.
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SLA Printing

I didnt want to inhibit postings that might improve the program But changing/augmenting the way already-calculated quantities are presented is in my perhaps doctrinaire view not a new feature. It is not achieving something that the program was not already capable of: it is a presentational change. A new feature would be, say, open-shell CC.

And I have to repeat my earlier comment: if someone can see that simply reassembling the final quantities and printing them differently is the need, isnt the best way to raise this just doing it, and then posting wouldnt it be better if this was done this way?, which is what the original poster seems to be already doing, based on his last post? And more power to him for doing it

Best regards
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Re: SLA Printing???

i would also like to see the anycubic photon bring supported by ss3d
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Re: SLA Printing???

New to the forum but using S3D for about 4 years now.

I'd like to add one more vote for resin printers. There are solutions available, but they're not great. People who tabletop game (D&D, warhammer40k, and simiar), or paint miniatures as a hobby, are now printing their minis with resin. Same with people who build scale models, they like making higher detail parts very cheap instead of buying metal photoetch parts or cast resin upgrades. The big complaint is supports & orientation issues. People are unaware of superior software like S3D because they got started with resin printing. It's very much a different social circle from FDM.

I personally have 1 elegoo Mars 2 pro & a elegoo Saturn. As well as my FDM bots (Flashforge Creator Pro). I use these for prototyping new products, and the resin printers can't be beat for a presentation piece.
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Re: SLA Printing???


I recently purchased S3D, so far I'm enjoying the software. I'd like to add my vote for SLA features/support as well.

Anyone have a working Moai config they'd be willing to share?

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Re: SLA Printing???

I just recently purchased the Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k (resin printer, mono screen), and would love to be able to use this software as a "one stop shop" for all my slicing needs. I currently use Simplify3d for my Prusa i3 mk3s, and would prefer to not have to use a second (or third?) slicer to get the settings I need.

Looking forward to hearing if this is something that Simplify3d is interested in incorporating to it's arsenal in the future?

Thanks, and Happy New Year!
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Re: SLA Printing???

Plus +1 me in too.

I just got an AnyCubic Photon Mono. Pretty small, but its awesome. Shame the software on it sucks balls. Would love see what Simplify3d could do for resin printer slicing.
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Re: SLA Printing???

I to have an Elegoo Mars and would like to use S3D, as this is my goto for my filament printers
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Re: SLA Printing???

Yes its on high demand

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