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Is Anyone Running Davinci Pro Firmware 1.4.0 and Simplify3D?

Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:51 pm

Hi Guys, my printer has been out of commission for at least a year now and I'm finally getting back into it. I've got things working pretty smoothly when I decided to check if my printer had any firmware updates. It does. I'm on 1.3.8 and the latest is 1.4.0.....

Keep in mind everything is currently working basically perfectly *knocks on wood*. So what I'm wondering is if anyone out there running simplify3D is also running this latest Davinci firmware. The last thing I want is to "update" and find out they neutered support for 3rd party slicers, etc. Of course, I don't trust them to disclose something like that in their release notes, so I'm really relying on the community for some advice here.

The printer in me is saying "It's actually working, don't breath too heavily!" but the system admin in me is saying "FIRMWARE UPDATE! FIRMWARE UPDATE! FIRMWARE UPDATE!"

TL;DR Should I update my firmware or stay put?

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Re: Is Anyone Running Davinci Pro Firmware 1.4.0 and Simplify3D?

Fri Oct 11, 2019 10:01 am

Latest doesn't mean best!

If your printer is doing what you want with the current firmware, then there's no need to upgrade.

I don't subscribe to the craze..."Got to have the latest version come what may!" I have an iPhone 5S.. It makes calls. It receives calls. I can send texts, take photos, access the web..ie do everything I want it to do. Am I going to spend £1800 for the latest iPhone? No effing way!!!!!!
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