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top solid layer attached to infill

the goal is to be able to print big parts with small filling percentage in this case first top solid layers can be print without any support and will fall Inside the part. See my attached picture. A special strategy that allow this top solid layer to be bigger and to reach the infill support to be close to a bridge can solve a lot of problems.
I don't know if this can be done easily but as we are printing very big part (24kg parts) it will help a lot to reduce infill percentage.
Thanks for your help.
goal is to be in a strategy of bridge for first top solid
goal is to be in a strategy of bridge for first top solid
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Re: top solid layer attached to infill

If you are printing parts of your own design. Have you looked at creating your own Infill as a separate design?
As the two objects are loaded and printed at the same time, you should gain far greater control.

I by no way represent S3D. However given that needs and available tools are so often at odds. I like to think myself very clever at finding a way.

That being said, perhaps it might be arguable that I am not clear on what it is you have tried, and what you are trying to accomplish.

If it is a mater of closing the gap on top. Might I also suggest incorporating a cap? Design and preprint the top to your part inverted, and incomplete. At a layer of your choosing have the machine pause and move, direct the head to move away ( do not move by hand as this will loose its position). Now snap your pre printed part into place and allow the machine to print over it. This can literally be a part 2 or two layers thick. If you set everything just right, your extruder will simply print on top of this insert and the gap will be closed easily and strong.

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