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Using Layer change script to make Temp tower

I want to make a temperature tower and wonder what ways it can be done.
Being told the just set it up using multiple processes.
This what I want to do and do I just add the to the layer change scripts as shown?
{if layer_z==1.6}
; T tower floor 1
M104 S235
{elsif layer_z==11.6}
; T tower floor 2
M104 S230
{elsif layer_z==21.6}
; T tower floor 3
M104 S225
{elsif layer_z==31.6}
; T tower floor 4
M104 S220
{elsif layer_z==41.6}
; T tower floor 5
M104 S215
{elsif layer_z==51.6}
; T tower floor 6
M104 S210
{elsif layer_z==61.6}
; T tower floor 7
M104 S205
{elsif layer_z==71.6}
; T tower floor 8
M104 S200
{elsif layer_z==81.6}
; T tower floor 9
M104 S195
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Re: Using Layer change script to make Temp tower

That's essentially how this one works:


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