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Support not automatically generated?

Hallo there,

I have been working a lot with Cura and I just gave Simplify3D a try.

The feature of adding / removing support sounds quite handy. However, it seems to come with the disadvantage, that support is not automatically generated.

In Cura, I could just select "generate support", and every overhang etc. was automatically supported. I have not found such a convenient way of generating support with Simplify3D. For this part (see attachment), I could manually add support, but for bigger parts, this process would involve a lot of additional effort that I did not have with Cura.

Does anybody have a suggestion for me?

Kind regards
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Re: Support not automatically generated?

Hi Jason,

thru the edit process button go to the support tab. Look at the maximum overhang angle value; correct it to whatever value you estimate the overhang you want to support. Make sure to also set the support type to normal.

Hope it helps, have a nice day,


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