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Re: Tree like support etc

In a pinch, Meshmixer will do this, fyi: You can create the supports in meshmixer, then export them as a stl to bring into S3D.
Having that as an internal option in S3D would be darn nice though.
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Treelike support

my feature request is very simple is to add treelike support as in flashprint it is helpful in many ways for some special builds
and could use Wifi connections to some printers !
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Re: Treelike support

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Re: Tree like support etc


Would also love to have this feature inside S3D !

The problem with Meshmixer's stl exportation is that when you open the stl file in S3D, the treelike supports have missing layers. It forces me to upload the model and fiw this through netfabb.
Maybe I made a mistake somewhere and forgot to tune a setting, if so please tell me guys.
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Re: Tree like support etc

+1 for this feature
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Re: Tree like support etc

+ 1 This really should be useful in limiting excess material usage as well.
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Re: Tree like support etc


I use meshmixer for this too when I need it but it would be really great to have it right in S3D
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meshmixer (tree like) type support

if you ever tried autodesk meshmixer and seen the way how it create suport I'm sure you liked it :D
the tree shaped support structures are faster to print and use way less plastic then standard columns ... they are bit harder to print and require properly calibrated printer but having the option to generate support like that in s3d would be super nice feature
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Re: meshmixer (tree like) type support

I agree, even if it is much simpler.
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Tree support


I was wondering if there ever will be something like a tree support kind of thing in the future. I've seen multiple questions about it, and I'd think it would be a nice feature.

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