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SEND HELP!! TPU printing!!

I am replicating a soft actuator (see pictures below) for my final year engineering project. I am having a lot of problems with stringing. I've tried numerous different specs in simplify3D with no luck. I am using a fresh batch of NinjaFlex and have followed the suggested parameters from the original creator that are,

Flashforge Creator Pro Dual Head
Layer height: 0.1mm
Nozzle: 0.4mm
Extrusion temp: 220C
Bed temp: 80C
Print Speed: 20mm/s
Infill: 100%
Wall thickness: 2mm
Cooling: 60%
Multiplier number: 1.2
Support: None
Retraction: None

I have tried adding retraction, lowering the extrusion temp to 215C, lowering the print speed to 1000mm/min, and increasing the cooling to 80%, all with no luck. I also have a flexible filament extruder I've used, and it has had the same problem.
I have also changed the movement behaviour to have a detour factor of 300, which has reduced the problems but still has stringing occurring in where the travel moves occur (in red).

Any suggestions are welcome, and if you could provide screenshots or printing specs for simplify3D, that would be wonderful.

I appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you!
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Re: SEND HELP!! TPU printing!!

Ninjaflex tips.
Fan 100% after first layer
headed bed not needed
layer height as max for your nozzle size.. at .4 I would go .3 layer
Retraction none
If you have larger nozzles, use the biggest one that will work with the model I use .75mm nozzle whenever possible
One part at a time
The less travel moves the better
nozzle 220C
Don't expect it to look like PLA when done.
keep infill under 100% nijaflex is tough stuff it does not flex much when printed at 100% infill
Good luck it is an adventure with every model!
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Re: SEND HELP!! TPU printing!!

I have tried on several machines and the only one that consistently prints it well is a Sidewinder X1. It has a volcano type extruder which means the heating block is twice as long as a typical machine. This makes all of the difference.

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