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Linux Mint SSL Error

I installed the Linux 64 bit version on my laptop and it successfully auto-opened after install was complete. After closing the program and attempting to reopen it- I get a message that the system is mission Open SSL support. Any suggestions on how to correct this and run from Linux? I'm running MInt 20.2.
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Re: Linux Mint SSL Error

I'm also running Mint Linux and get the same error. I created a launcher on the desktop and use that to launch. I get that error maybe 1 out of 10 starts. I'm not sure what the issue is exactly. I could check out the logs but ity starts successfully enough that I can live with it. Maybe the next version will get it fixed.
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Re: Linux Mint SSL Error

Please make sure that you are launching Simplify3D with the launchscript. I have included a link below for the FAQ that covers this issue in more detail.

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