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Last 10 to 2 slices won't print

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2021 1:37 am
by lsmedel
The problem: I've tried to print diferent models, some downloadable others by my creation, but when I print them the las 2 to 10 layers are not printed at all. So i tried to use other software to check if the problem its the printer, like FlasForge Print and it does work, it prints the files, but somehow with SimpliFy 3D I cant.

Laptop Windows 10 64 bit, 64 GB RAM, i7
Flashforge Creator Pro 2016
Filament Color Plus PLA 1.75mm

FlasForge FLashPrint (works OK)
Simplify 3D (the last 2 to 10 slices cant be printed)

I really dont mess with configurations like knozzle, speed...only with infill percentage and I usually do it with 20%, the default. I really like yopur software, please help.