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Error in Slicing Strategie or in Settings?

Hello to the community!

As this is my first posting first of all Hello to the community! My name is Stephan and I'm more or less new to 3D printing. So my first questions might be a bit stuoid to the professionals here in the forum but on the other hand answering will not take much efford (due to the stupidity). But it might help me a lot.

First question: I sliced and printed a cube 25mm x 25 mm with a "Z" on the top. Preview and print shows a one line width gap on both sides of the "Z".

Is this a slicing error or a wrong parameter?
Slicing error.jpg
Beside that the slicing pattern for the to layer creats an ugly surface. Can I chose a different pattern?

Thanks for help in advance, Stephan
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Re: Error in Slicing Strategie or in Settings?

Welcome to the Simplify3D community forum! This "artifacting" is a result of the selected "Infill --> external fill pattern". Switch this back to the default of "rectilinear" and you shouldn't see near as many gaps on the top surface.
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