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Way overblown filament length for print when switching extruders

When I switch from my left to right extruder, all the Build Statistics BESIDES the print time increase SEVEN-FOLD!

I've been printing with my Left Extruder for months, and the prints turn out perfect every time. Lately, I switched one of my models to my Right Extruder, and the Filament length increased from 9,068.6 mm to 56,033.6 mm.

I checked all the information I know of when switching extruders, notably searching through the "Other" tab, but failed to find why this occurred. I have not exported the "56,033.6 mm" model because I don't want anything to go wrong, so I don't know if it's just a misrepresented figure or something wrong with the print.

I've attached to file below, so hopefully, someone can figure out what's going wrong.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Way overblown filament length for print when switching extruders

I was unable to reproduce this using the Factory File you provided. Both the Left and Right extruder configs resulted in total print lengths of 9134.8 mm. Can you let me know the exact workflow you used to get the result you are referring to?

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