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Re: Support Extrusion Width

There is another way without the script option

it require you create 2 processes one for the model one for the support which is something I do already in order to control the gap between the print and support.

in one process the "model" have it set to not print support.
in the second "support" process set the extrusion width to be what you want. and also zero out, Top Solid Layers, Bottom Solid Layers, Outline/Perimeter Shells, and Interior Fill Percentage. This way it only prints support on the second process. also by adjusting the first layer % will tweak the distance between the support and model.

When you go to print it will complain that there are two process being printed in the same model in the same place. but it is not really.

really the software is very flexible with what it can do. it is not simple unfortunately. it should be Complify3D
see image

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