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Simplify3D to use XYZ printers using 3rd party filament

Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2021 7:25 am
by BFS
Good day,
I,ve been using Simplify3D for a long time and it is for me a user friendly, straight forward software and a pleasure to use. My first printer is a Da Vinci Jr 1 which I could use only with XYZprinting filament, which comes with a chip preventing the use of any other filament. I then decided to buy a printer that uses all kind of filaments from any make, so did I put the XYZ Da Vinci printer on a side. XYZprinting is offering an "Open Smart Tag" at a cost and can be used only with a registered printer and allow to use 3rd party filament. I am not impressed with the deal, but Cura came out lately with the possibility, with some adjustments, to send G-Codes to the Da Vinci without having to use .3w files and the possibility to use 3rd party filament. Cura is not user friendly as Simplify3D. could Simplify3D achieve the same? I really hope that it can be done. Thanks, Best regards, Bruno