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More flow rate settings

While there is a global flow rate (extrusion multiplier) I think it would be useful to have a percentage box for the first layer and also infill.

While there are settings the first layer to set width and height, or better bed adhesion, it would be useful to have a flowrate override box there to increase the flowrate on the first layer.

Similar with infill, while there are various percentages, it would be useful to be able to set like 90% flow rate, or even 110% flowrate for infill only.
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Re: More flow rate settings

You can assign a specific extruder controller to infill from the Infill tab.

As for the first layer, there are already several existing settings to help tune the desired level of adhesion and overlap. I've however still documented this request for our developers to review. Adjusting extrusion multiplier for the first layer may very well be a simpler solution for a lot of users.

Thanks for your request!
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