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Will there ever be any updates?

Just asking....
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Re: Will there ever be any updates?

just asking too.....
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Re: Will there ever be any updates?

Can you be more specific? Are you asking if there will be a software update at all or are you asking for an update on the progress towards said software update? Either way you slice it, the answer is yes. :o

Version 5.0 is still under active development and testing. More information will be shared regarding the new features it offers as we get closer to finalizing the release date.
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Re: Will there ever be any updates?

@S3D-Jake: Y'all have been singing the same tune for over a year. You've been "finalizing the release date" at least that long. Just throw us a bone already!
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Re: Will there ever be any updates?

Are you still hoping for Ver 5?
It's been three years since I've heard that Ver5 is coming. There is no way it will be updated.
Prusaslicer 2.4(beta1) is great. :D
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Re: Will there ever be any updates?

Don't be too hard on Jake. He's doing his best to help with day to day problems, and is clearly under a gag order from the higher-ups. "A fish rots from the head..." The slipped schedules, empty promises and appalling lack of communication is entirely a management problem.
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Re: Will there ever be any updates?

I have been developing software for over 25 years and I have a lot of sympathy for the people on the front line at S3D. I also know when it is time to jump ship - the number of red flags being raised by S3D management is beyond count.

I was not happy with the thought of leaving S3D, I tend to be very loyal. It has always worked, and I think that it has played a big part in developing my love of 3d printing. I have printed almost 8KM of filament with it! It's always hard to realize that software that you have used and enjoyed and relied upon is dead.

I can't use Cura - I just can't get past the interface. I have tried Prusa slicer in the past, spending an afternoon with it and getting horrible results before giving up. After seeing the the teaching tech guy had moved to a variant of Prusa slicer called Superslicer, I thought I would give it a try. After spending a week printing little cubes, boats and astronauts, I have definitely found my new slicer. If anything my print quality has improved, as I had to play around with the settings and develop new profiles etc. I have gone back to S3D to generate a couple of test prints, and I now like the superslicer interface better.

My message to S3D - you guys are in big trouble! I can't believe how much better superslicer is than S3D, once you get past a small learning curve. The way that S3D has managed the communications from the time that they first announced V5 to now is what led me to spend the time to climb that curve, so in a weird way I should thank them for helping me find my new slicer. If it was just me then why would S3D care? The problem is that it is not just me. S3D's actions are encouraging their customers to try out the free competition, only to find that the free slicer is better. How can management not see this?

If there ever is a V5 I am sure that I will give it a sniff, but I can't imagine anything that would cause me to leave superslicer. So I guess this is so long S3D - it has been a real slice!

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