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Re: Will there ever be any updates?

SimpleScott wrote: Sat Jun 18, 2022 8:25 pm it would have to contain some REALLY, REALLY SPECIAL STUFF to get me to even try it. "Fool me once" and all that.
That's the reason why I'm pretty sure I won't buy v5, even if it was priced at $9.99 for an upgrade. Look at the past,
tell me how unlikely it is to end up with something that companies like Adobe did years ago... yes, check out the
new version - and at the same time, loose your v4 license, so you will never ever work locally again.


I can see the online shop in my mind. Offering heart shaped infill patterns for only $0.99 *

* (only up to temperatures of 230°C, otherwise you'll require the ULTRA-HIGH-TEMPERATURE-OPTION, $1.49/mth)

As far as I can tell they don't even bother to "release" new user accounts on this forum more than 1-2 times a month.
Imagine just having bought this product, posting on the forum and not seeing your post going live for 3 weeks... ^^

Probably one of the reasons why many people stopped answering at all - there's no point in answering something a
new user has asked 3-4 weeks ago, he's probably long gone.... ^^
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Re: Will there ever be any updates?

I have checked back every month or so for the last few years to see if there is an update. At this point if it doesn't have some sort of non-planar printing features I wouldn't be interested, or the ability to add a rotary axis or similar.

I just checked their linked-in and it seems they are still trying to hire for C++ programmers, and a PHP programmer that has experience in webapp frameworks. I'd be willing to bet that any release will require an internet connection much like Fusion 360, which is fine with me if it has significant capabilities. I also would say one of the difficulties they are facing is requiring people to work from office, which isn't very popular right now.

What I was wondering is how a company is able to stay afloat with with what I am guessing is dwindling income from the sales of their software, I wouldn't doubt if they had some deep pockets funding their company (the CEO used to work for GE according to his linked-in) while they develop the software.

Hopefully they end up pushing the envelope!

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