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Klipper Plugin PAM Simplify 3D Start Code

Posted: Tue Mar 22, 2022 1:36 pm
by tobias9009

i wanted to run the Klipper PAM Plugin cause im annoyed of waiting for long Time bed leveling.
For the Plugin there are two Start Code.
One for SuperSlicer/PrusaSlicer:
MESH_CONFIG X0={first_layer_print_min[0]} Y0={first_layer_print_min[1]} X1={first_layer_print_max[0]} Y1={first_layer_print_max[1]}
And one for Ideamaker:
MESH_CONFIG X0={print_pos_min_x} Y0={print_pos_min_y} X1={print_pos_max_x} Y1={print_pos_max_y}
Somebody know in which way i have to edit it to make it work on Simplify ?
Or where the documentation about this can be found ?