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FlashForge Creator Pro 2

Hi! I've run Simplify 3D with a Powerspec printer from Micro Center for years. I recently purchased a used FlashForge Creator Pro 2 with the independent axes.

I am having to use the Flashforge slicer in order to export .gx files to run parts on the printer. How can I set up Simplify 3D to export something that will work? If I export as .gcode or .x3g the printer will start the print, but the printer immediately drops the z axis until the motor starts grinding. I've tried customizing the software to run the Z axis to a specific point instead of home with no luck.
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Re: FlashForge Creator Pro 2

You'll want to be using the Simplify3D profile for the Creator Pro 2 and not the Powerspec or original Creator Pro.

Contact customer support and they'll get you setup with the correct profile for this newer machine.
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