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Increase Overlap Of Perimeter Extrusions

I have a print where I am using 5 perimeters (shells).
How can I increase the overlap of each perimeter extrusion with the one before it?
For instance how to increase the overlap of the outer (blue) perimeter with the next (light blue) inner perimeter?

I looked at "outline overlap" but from the description it seems this is for the overlap between perimeters and actual infill.
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Re: Increase Overlap Of Perimeter Extrusions

Why would you want to increase the overlap?

You should be able to effectively increase the overlap by increasing the extrusion multiplier under the extruder tab. If your goal is to eliminate the gap fill you can increase the extrusion width in that same tab.
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Re: Increase Overlap Of Perimeter Extrusions

To start with, if you increase the overlap too much you part will not be the size it should be. The goal is to have all parts the exact size of the model. I can not see what that part is or what size nozzle you are using, but I have never used 5 perimeters for anything. If that area you are looking at is a wall, 2 perimeters, gap fill and 100% infill will give you the most strength, if that is you goal...

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