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How to accomplish multi-color prints with printers using Z-Offset?


I am trying to accomplish making multi-color prints with The Variable Settings Wizard, but I seem to have no luck. I've accomplished this with all my other 3D printers, until I got the Ender 3 Max Neo. The Ender 3 Max neo features an auto bed-leveling sensor and a Z-offset.

The Ender 3 Max Neo is relatively new, and so I am using the regular Ender 3 Max printing profile.

As you can see, down below, I split the model into multiple parts/gcodes to where I want to change filaments:


And the print stops at 1.66mm

Settings for process 1-2

But when I command the printer to start the 2nd GCode, it starts above the print instead of directly on the next layer.



Correct me if I am wrong, but I would imagine I have to adjust something under Settings -> GCode -> Global GCode Offsets?

Right now the Z-Offset is set to 0.00 under the settings. I am just learning about this feature. My printer's Z-Offset is -2.45. Would I need to set the Global GCode Offset under Z to -2.45 in order to print on the next layer instead of above it?

How can I achieve multi-color prints when there is a Z-offset? Thank you.
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Re: How to accomplish multi-color prints with printers using Z-Offset?

You can place a pause G-code under 'Additional terminal commands for post processing' at the 'Script' tab like:

;{REPLACE "; layer 46," "M600\n; layer 46,"}

In this case the printer pauses at layer 46 if you remove the semicolon in front of this line.

Hope this helps.


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