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Simplify3D Version 5.0 - Now Available!

We are happy to announce that Version 5.0 is finally here! The new release contains over 120 highly requested features and improvements, making it more than twice as large as any release we have produced before. The software includes our new next generation slicing engine, a new user interface, new rendering engine, new backend algorithms, new connectivity options, new tools, and all sorts of new capabilities.

We have prepared an extensive webpage covering all of the new features which you can review below. ... rsion-5-0/

During the development process, we were constantly selecting features for V5 based on feedback from customers and suggestions on this forum. The team was able to implement a huge number of our most popular requests using the new foundation in V5, so we will be working hard to update all of the topics on this forum with information about the new functionality.

Thank you to the entire community for your support during the development of V5. It has been a long journey with much to learn along the way. We certainly underestimated the amount of time it would take to complete our goals for the release (creating our next gen slicing engine was no easy task!), but we're confident the new foundation in V5 will enable innovations for many years to come.

Now that V5 is finally complete, we will be returning to a much faster release cycle. Our initial focus will be making sure the 5.0 release is stable, but then we will be starting to work on upcoming feature releases. Your input plays a huge role in the changes we select, so please let us know what you would like to see next!

We look forward to hearing everyone's input on the new features and continuing to build on the foundation of V5 going forward!

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