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Re: V5 disappointments

Just to be clear. I actually do see a major difference in quality from V4x to V5.01. I may see what some havent yet because of the type of models I make and print (terrain with city scapes). Multiple flat last (top)layers, both voxel patterns and natural curves and valleys. Models that are much wider and longer (xy) than they are high(z). Any character models I make are all 8bit style, so again lots of flat surfaces. The internal stuff is working much better at hiding seams, and giving me flat and pretty surfaces..

MUCH more control needed to be worth the price tag , but v5 is an improvement.
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Re: V5 disappointments

Don't take me wrong - S3D V4 is still a good and usable slicer, I have no intention moving to a different one, but it has some shortfalls that I expected to have fixed and I also expected added quality and functionality in an "UPgrade". All I experienced after buying it, was the opposite. Pathetic, 5th grade friendly UI, Significant number of lost functions, my prints did not look any better and zero enhancements , not even the ones that are pretty much standard in open-source slicers.

They put a ton of lipstick on a pig and try to sell it as something new. In my experience, there is nothing new, no improvement and just a bunch of marketing BS. Unethical would probably describe the attempt to sell this the best.

Oh, and you are talking about "future enhancements"???? Can I have some of these pills?? They "worked" 4+ years on the "enhancements" you see in V5, and you seriously still expect real feature / functionality improvements??? Wow :-)
RoboDLC wrote: Sat Feb 04, 2023 12:15 pm Keep things in perspective. S3D is not a pile of crap. It is actually a very good slicer. Whatever has changed under the covers to enable future enhancements, it did not deliver on providing anything new. So with nothing new, it is not an upgrade for the customer, it is just refactored code with no value added. Taking away a critical feature like “two seats” for a license was incredibly stupid. That made it a “downgrade”.

S3D people: rescind that decision and apologize and you may save the company (if your next drop includes something that is actually new). I have been in the software industry for twenty years, you “did” just about every “don’t” in the book with release 5. No smiling child or cute puppy will save you here.

Be well,
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Re: V5 disappointments

I understand Tom. Like you I was hoping for waaay more additions when V5 was announced as ready to buy/upgrade, , From my experience with is so far the improvements are there, its running better and giving better seams, the supports are better I can see flatter and neater bottom overhanging supported layers, print times estimates are more accurate, a few more control parameters do help a lot (need much more though) I think the salt most of us have is justified, especially after loosing a seat on the license! COME ON S3D FIX THIS INSULT!

but.. I strongly disagree with the lipstick on a pig. I have found better print quality using v5.01 vs v4xx. Perhaps ask for a refund and revoke the v5 upgrade license if you feel its that bad, especially if you are sticking with V4xx for now. (not suggesting you need to, just that maybe they would refund you if you are unable to use v5 as well as v4) I for one and going to see it through and hope they keep adding what we all deserve, of coarse though I am seeing better prints with V5 so I can start using it now.
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Re: V5 disappointments

As an infrequent user of my ancient Makergear M2, I've been a pretty loyal user of S3D from the very first version. When I got the V5 notice, I purchased it immediately. Since then, I've noticed the changes (better and worse, but mostly just different) in the main program. Adapting didn't seem that hard, but today when I actually tried to print something I found the real deal breaker for me. Where did the macro buttons go? Are they still there somewhere and I just can't find them? I use those to set a virtual zero for Z, which is much better than fiddling with that physical switch, and it allows me to change Z as needed if I use a layer of tape on the bed.

The good news is that V4 still works, so I can continue using it to set up the actual printing. Maybe V5 is better in some way so I'll keep using it to create the gcode. I think maybe I'll make a note to test any new versions before the refund period runs out.
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Re: V5 disappointments

So I purchased the upgrade and what really bothers me is they downgraded my previous purchase which I'm not even sure is legal? It's certainly uncalled for..

For version 4 I was able to have two seats, I have V4 and V5 on my laptop. I was at work last week and wanted to slice something so I tried to install V4 which gave a popup my seats were all out. That is understandable so I deinstalled my V5 at home.

But after that my V4 would still not activate at work - why? :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

In my account I'm not able to see if or where my V4 is installed, only V5 is now ''Not activated''. It doesn't make sense to me, why can I install V5 but not deinstall it and use V4? Because they now want me to pay extra for another PC but the same account? :evil:

I'm also done with this crap and I work at a professional environment where we could use S3D if it wasn't so untrustworthy. I told people there I'm officially done. I will also look for alternatives, goodbye and enjoy the last $ you took from me.

Edit: so in another thread I saw there IS another way to see your installations (why not under the account options/installations is beyond me), they shared this link: ... tallations

There I can see V4 installations and you can disable them but S3D is not recommending to use this option..
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Re: V5 disappointments

wachovius wrote: Sat Dec 17, 2022 6:13 am Dissapointed as well ... none of the new features is worth to upgrade price with reduced number of licenses ... after 2 days of testing I return my license and stick with V4 (and other slicers who offer significant improvements and are definitely faster adding new stuff).
So far I've been sticking with v4, I play around with v5 and generally like it, but haven't needed anything it offers yet. It seems like prints are far slower on v5 so far. Can't pinpoint exactly why. So far v5 prints are as good or better than v4 when I have used it.

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