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Overall topic for Improving

Just a list of things i would love to see added/changed/fixed.
I will update this thread to keep it up to date and as a point of reference.

  • Changing units to mm/sec don't effect the flow rate, its still at mm³/min. <- fixed in 5.0.1
  • Add gcode metadata so applications like moonraker can parse them <- fixed by moonraker
  • Add thumbnail to gcode and make it configurable in size (512x512 for example). Its implemented very easy:

    Code: Select all

    ; thumbnail begin 16x16 464
    ; some
    ; base64
    ; encoded image
    ; thumbnail end
  • Add Bottom/Top layer pattern setting
  • Add more overall patterns
  • A roadmap were the community can see what you are actual doing. One of the biggest concerns about S3D is the lack of communication, i don't have to tell anyone what i mean, everybody knows it. And a place where we can see what you are working on and will be working on in future would highly improve this lack of communication. A nice side effect would be that users don't have to search a forum or double post things.
  • A Issue tracker, just like Github, a place to keep track about Issues/Feature requests. Again helpful for anyone, you can keep track better about things, we can see whats going on etc. Maybe the roadmap isn't necessary if we have this.
  • Adding a documentation, prusa knowledge base is a perfect example, a place where we can see all the settings tips and tweaks in one place. The actual situation is horrible. I mean people are reverse engineering the app to get variables to use in scripts. Come on ...
Final words:
Don´t understand me wrong, the forum is a nice place to get help, BUT to get help. At the moment its used for anything, i mean u don't use needle nose pliers to get a hex nut fastened.
I really like S3D, but alls the other slicers don´t stand still, and i know that S3D have a diffrent philosphy, but there is so much potential for improvement.
Let´s change S3D from a little player with a disappointed community to the best slicer with the best community
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Re: Overall topic for Improving

updated for 5.0.1
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Re: Overall topic for Improving

+1 on the issue tracker. It probably could be done on github, unless there's a rule against a proprietary software from using it. (and there may be). But still, a publicly facing tracker is a fantastic idea to keep things organized, and allow visibility.
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Re: Overall topic for Improving

+1 on issiue tracker too!
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Re: Overall topic for Improving

  • Roadmap. I'm kind of 50/50 on this. I agree that it is nice to see what S3D is currently working on or planning to work on but for someone who is working in a somewhat of a tech company, there are some things we need to consider:
    • Competition. I know, stay with me for a sec. Publicizing the roadmap won't really work if you have a long release cadence (it takes a while before the next version gets released). This will give your competitors the chance to see your plan and do it before you. Now, that being said, I do believe S3D have been behind and playing catch up with the other slicers out there. So I guess this doesn't really apply?
    • Community. People will find something to complain about. :D That's just the reality of it. Once people sees a roadmap, they will then complain about how S3D prioritizes things. "Why is X bug being worked on before the Y bug? Y bug is more important!", "Why are you doing these optimizations first before fixing these bugs?", etc. In my honest opinion, this is just going to be messy.
    But again, I somewhat agree with you. I don't know about anyone else but S3D lost my trust. A roadmap will put pressure on them and the community will see if S3D is really working on things and making progress. I guess this is more to make S3D accountable about their promises.
  • Issue Tracker. +1 on this. It is confusing if the issue or feature request is for v5 or v4. It is also difficult to keep track if the feature request is added or not. If it was, which version was it added on? (yes I know we have an "[ADDED]" tag). I think the forum is good, we just need to be better at organizing things and maybe a better way to close threads to avoid necro posting.
  • Documentations. OMG! Super +1! I found some threads that could have been addressed quickly and easily with a documentation. One that popped to mind is about having settings saved per material instead of the profile. I saw people were updating some files to get it done but I found out that there's a hidden settings for it when managing profile. You could just mark each settings to be based on the machine, material, or quality. It would have been easier for the users if those hidden features are documented.

    This will also reduce the duplicate posts and we have some place to just link people to if they have issues that is already addressed by the documentation instead of digging through the forum posts.

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