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What will be the next update???

Are we going to be charged for all the next little incremental updates from now on??? :|
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Re: What will be the next update???

I believe this is already covered on our FAQ page:

In short, once you upgrade to V5 you get all future 5.x releases for free.
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Re: What will be the next update???

So judging future behaviour from past behaviour: maybe no releases.
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Re: What will be the next update???

They are already working on 5.0.1 now. The release cadence will be much quicker now that V5 is completed.
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Re: What will be the next update???

So as fast as they can towards next beta version which will be new v6 so they can charge again...we get it
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Re: What will be the next update???

Is this really your customer retention policy? They don't update their software version in YEARS! when they told us that we had updates included. Now they are releasing a new version that is not included as a free update, in the process they reduce the simultaneous use licenses from 2 to 1, and on top of that for those of us who have trusted their slicer for years! They offer us a discount of only 10%.

I think they are going to get a lot of criticism from users who are still using the v4 program, which has clearly become obsolete, buying it from the competition, which offers its free slicers, and with similar and even better features, just mentioning , things like tree stands.

In short, and trying to be empathetic, I understand that they have done hard work and have released a version with improvements, but the price seems very abusive for those of us who invest in their work. Even imagining that the team that made version 4 has given up and a new team has had to resume the effort to improve itself and improve the program, and that therefore they want to remunerate that effort, they should at least those of us who invested in version 4 and who NEVER has an upgrade been offered in more than 3 years, a position more comfortable or advantageous than a new user. Well, sincerely congratulations for your work, I personally am going to look for solutions in another provider because I am not happy with the treatment that they have offered me now with this new version 5, nor during these years with version 4.

Besty Regards
Jaime Massana

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