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Hiding multiple models

The check boxes to hide models are missing in the new version 5. I have files with multiple models and processes but need to hide the models I'm not printing.
Is this possible in the New Version 5

After reading more on this forum, Show / Hide models is not possible in V5 and a lot of people would like to see it returned.

Being able to show and hide models is a big deal for me. I have factory files with multiple models and processes to match the models. I need to hide models so I can see and work on the ones I want.

Please bring back the ability to show and hide the models.
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Re: Hiding multiple models

Do not understand why Hide/Show of models functionality was removed from 5.x. I use it all the time in my workflow.
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Re: Hiding multiple models

Ask for it here:

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Re: Hiding multiple models

and another +1

So far there has not been a single comment regarding this feature request from S3D. I don't understand why this feature is no longer in V5. An absurdity if you want to work with different processes and multibodies.
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Re: Hiding multiple models

We are already tracking this in multiple threads on the Feature Request sub-forum. Please use those threads to add your support for this feature being added.

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