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Document scripting engine capabilities

For the love of god, can you PLEASE document your scripting engine?
We have been begging, for years, to know what is really there and supported.
NOT someone's list of strings grepped from the executable.

If you are going to laud custom scripting, then for bog's sake, you HAVE to give us this information.

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Re: Document scripting engine capabilities

I too am curious about S3D v5's scripting capabilities. +1 from me on the documentation request.


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Re: Document scripting engine capabilities

+1 with enthusiasm.. What is the point of it if you dont release the docs for it.
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Re: Document scripting engine capabilities

Has S3D sold us vapourware? Where is the vaunted "Scripting Engine" and how does one invoke it? Where is it described other than, as we all know from your advert, it is "POWERFUL" to quote your web page. Must be so because it also features a stealth mode - undetectable by any means. Come on guys - respond.
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Re: Document scripting engine capabilities

+1 would be good please

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