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Variable for Tools

I might just be doing this wrong, but I have a startup script that optimizes my startup time for printing by pre-heating my tools and bed so they all are at temps at the same time. I can't get it to work in S3D as I can't call out the various tools used in the process. I can manually put them in, but I prefer the variable names in case I change things.

Typically in other slicers, I would do something like

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M568 P[tool1] S[tool1_temp] R[tool1_temp_inactive]
M568 P[tool1] A2
The only variables I could find for S3D dealing directly with the tools were:

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Are there any other variables that directly relate to the tools created in the Process?
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Re: Variable for Tools

You can use things like [extruder0_temperature] or [extruder1_temperature]. I think [tool1] could just be replaced with "1" since I don't see what it would be otherwise. I don't think there's a variable for the cool down temperature yet, but that's unlikely to change very often so it's probably safe to hard code.

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