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Object replacement same settings

Sometimes I use variable processes. sometimes I have to duplicate the model multiple times. overlap them and make each process a section of the same duplicated model to get it to slice the way I need it to.

Problem is I have to REDO THIS each model. if I delete the model and replace it. I have to reduplicate the model and re assign the processes again to the new model.

it would be nice if I could replace every model instance on the screen with a new model and keep the number of duplications the same and keep the process assignments fixed as well.

not a huge deal but it is slightly annoying.

A simple (well simple in my mind) would be I right click the model in the "models" window and select replace. OR I drag and drop a model and it "replaces" whatever model I "hover" over for a moment in the models list. maybe if I hover for more than say 3 seconds pop up (add or replacement selected model)

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