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Question About Perimeters

Hi All,
I just wanted to understand Perimeters. Lets say I want to print 2 or more perimeters. Are Perimeter supposed to bond together or are these supposed to be separate layers where I can pull them apart? Perimeters are strong but do not bond together. if I specify lets say, 3 perimeters then I get 3 inner perimeters and 3 outer perimeters with no infill in between them. I would think it might make a stronger part if I could specify 1 perimeter then a certain about of infill then another perimeter and so on.

Thank You
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Re: Question About Perimeters

Perimeter suppose to be bonded.
Kind of sound like a flow control issue or e-steps might be off.
if you tell the printer to extrude 100mm of filament in to extruder does it?
I have seen this with some printer.
verify this first before trouble shooting anything else. ... r-extruder

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