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Using Infill as a Mesh looking design

So, I want to make a speaker Grill. I could design it in Shapr3D on my iPad. But that would take a long time. So,. I just thought why not print the base as infill like Honeycomb or Cubic with no top or bottom layers and a second process for the sides. GREAT! My question is... Is there a way to print the infill pattern larger or smaller. I know you can very the width the of the Extrusion but after trying different settings and viewing in preview. varying the infill Width does not seem to very the size very much. If there is not way to adjust this setting then maybe there should be.
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Re: Using Infill as a Mesh looking design

Vary the infill percentage.
You can't specify a dimension, but you can fiddle around to find the pattern density you want.
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Re: Using Infill as a Mesh looking design

not sure what this is for but if for a small bookshelf speaker system, you may want to consider printing a grill frame and wrapping it with speaker cloth. Did this and worked out really well using window screen spline to hold the cloth in the grill grove. I had considered doing an infill only but knew it would alter the sound.
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