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Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2023 1:28 pm
by Gilly_Wings
Hello, I have just received my Creality K1 and when I try to generate the thumbnail by selecting "octoprint" and resolution 300x300 and 96x96, the GCODE file does not contain any images. Would you also have this problem with version 5.1.2?

I'm on macos


Re: Thumbnail

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2023 10:35 am
by S3D-Jason
Do you have a gcode file that correctly displays the thumbnails? Maybe you can post that along with the incorrect file. That might make it easier to compare and see if they are using different resolutions or encodings.

Re: Thumbnail

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2023 11:56 am
by Gilly_Wings
Here is a gcode file that came with the printer

The file generated by S3D in "Klipper" mode does not contain any image lines

Code: Select all

; png begin 96*96 1209 40 55 199
; a0lEQVR4nO3YTW8bRRgH8P8zM3bWTv2ydhyLlEDaQymoAiEhgUQrkCpSpB6iVliCQ7n2hsRXgAuH
; SBzyCTjvoZV64oKEVIG4kB5CJKpSOSk4FSFt7Ti298U7HOpYjVPR1G4DRv/fyWtrnnlmnpn17AJE
; ff90HMevDhFnG8CPnuetAkClUnlJRN6N47g8RKzbAL73PK8OQC5evPiW1vpta615ylABgBsi8pPn
; ed35+fnJXC43b619+YDt2yKyDOCG53lBP7/dD5VKJQfgGoDTIjJYmAMTkaU4jhcB/CAiR4eNA6Ar
; Ip9EUdTQWl8DkBgh1qa19oyIVKy1X4wyPmvtDQDvA/hGRBaGCPFrEAQfXr16tQoA/VUgIp8DODNs
; YsYYuK6LUql07P79+3O1Wu2otRaPjnXw+gmxdLlcPvXgwYM/19bWEkqpA7UdpLWG67qlcrl8vNls
; vnjr1i0xxgwVSymFfD7/erFYzAJ4Z2VlBclk8mljvZJIJL4C8DHQK8D58+ddAJ8dpLXjODhx4gTC
; MES9Xu8nViqVkMvl0Gw2j2ut/6hWq8jn88jn8xARxHGM9fV1TE5OIgxDAICI4OTJkzDGYGtrq//d
; 9PQ0MpkMWq0W0uk02u02CoUCpqam9sRKpVKIoqif29zcHFzXxebmZr/YpVIJR44cQRiGv8dxPNVo
; NDAzM4NisQgRgbUWtVpt3+IoFAqYnZ3FvXv3+r8VCgVkMpluq9VqNJvNbL1ex8zMDKanp6GUAgDc
; vXsXjUYD+XweQdC/0+whIh9duHDh1JUrV1YMAKRSqS8BuAcpgNYaWmv4vt8fvIig3W7DGAPf9907
; d+68kEgkEEURut0ugIer3xjTn/xdcRwjCIJ+LKUU2u02tNbY3t6e6nQ6opSCtRZRFPUnbbcQj2o2
; m9jt11oLpRQ6nQ6UUqjVasccx3kxkUjsixXHMYwxe+K1Wi3U6/U9iyUMQ+zs7PxVrVZfS6fTKaUU
; lFLodruI4xjWWgRBgGQyCa31P05jIpH4GsAHsrCwMDsxMXETgHOQAtCzYR96TzmO8yk4+YdORERr
; fc5ks9mNjY2N/j1xnIxDvo/LsXcwgOu6MJlMZnl9fd06jiPpdPpfSHE0h1WEUfoZbJtMJlEsFmGM
; WVFKqZvGmCAMQ1hrR83z0FlrDyXvUfoYbNs7yFgAK2pxcXFHa702eDqh/Z5VEYwxANBxHOe2AgAR
; WQ2CYCx3wK5x2gm9B8G1y5cvtxQATExMrPq+v+9cTY83ShFEBFprWGtXAUABQDabXfZ9v//QNM4O
; axcP289uAZRSy0CvAKlUatlaG/8fCgD8t4vQm3xYa38Geu+ClpaWfjt79uy5KIrmxvl/4FGHNY4n
; png end

Re: Thumbnail

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2023 12:10 pm
by Gilly_Wings
In the post-processing configuration, I removed "{STRIP "; "}"
This is default on the K1 profile.
S3D is generating an image now.

But it still doesn't generate png

S3D code:
; thumbnail begin 96x96 2916

Re: Thumbnail

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2023 12:14 pm
by Gilly_Wings
For this to work, I need to replace in the file

; thumbnail begin 96x96 2916
; png begin 96*96 2916

Re: Thumbnail

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2023 12:26 pm
by Gilly_Wings
I've found !!!

In the Post-Processing section
I added this:
{REPLACE "thumbnail begin 300x300" "png begin 300*300"}
{REPLACE "thumbnail begin 96x96" "png begin 96*96"}
{REPLACE "thumbnail end" "png end"}

Re: Thumbnail

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2023 1:32 pm
by S3D-Jason
Glad you were able to get it working! I believe there are some other Creality machines that require the existing syntax S3D was already using, so not sure why Creality choose to modify the format for the K1 compared to their other printers. Either way, nice that you found a working solution.

Re: Thumbnail

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2023 6:28 am
by Lewishorrell
I've used all of gillies suggestions and the gcode now has png thumbnails but they still don't display what am i doing wrong

Re: Thumbnail

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2024 5:41 am
by msmola
But creality print generating 3 thumbnails in gcode.
With using "replace" S3D can be generated only 96 and 300 with "png begin/end". Thumbnail is visible on K1 web and when is selected object on printer for pring, but in list of models on printer still missing. And missing colors.
png begin 96*96 5379 10 85 240
png end

png begin 300*300 24009 32 267 240
png end

thumbnail begin 300 300 32012
thumbnail end

Re: Thumbnail

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2024 4:41 am
by msmola
Do not use this way. After several imported gcodes to K1 the printer completely malfunctions, and all saved files from the printer disappear. The only solution is to reload the same files to printers (same name), but without thumbnails, and then other files will reappear.