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Comments and issues concerning V5

First welcome back... Many of us had nearly given up hope ever seeing a V5. It had become Mythical and most forums banned the mention of it. When it did drop, I did not hesitate to upgrade. But due to changes I have been slow to adopt. I get it that the software cannot continue to be developed on prayers and thoughts as it is upgraded for free forever and less cash comes in to run the doors. I don't mind a small fee per major revision, to keep the doors open. I already support Mango3D with a yearly sub. I see no issue with doing the same for S3D, as long as updates don't ever become like they were, where we might get one after a year, and we have to struggle to see what it actually was updated while watching all others grow by leaps and bounds. Let those dark ages be done.

Second thank you for allowing V4 to continue functioning. Seriously. At this juncture, if this was to be disabled. It would end my use of the S3D completely. I want to like V5 but it is missing things I need. However learning all the changes, arrangements and new icons is taking longer since I cannot save anything in S3D V5 and then open in V4. Just using V5 can cause issues. So all work is done in V4 and V5 is opened only to dig and become familiar with, not use.

Thus I come to the swell of questions and issues.
-On the upside while writing this up I was able to find most of the missing stuff, where it was moved /buried.

  1. Feedback: Was the interface rewritten?
    I see many of the windows, and icons are changed.
    Even alignments are broken. Things are missing. I tried to catalog the number of shifts, bumps, changes and removals. I lost track. There were too many. Some made sense others not so much. I am basically having to relearn the program. The new icons aren't helping.
  2. FR: The Over Ride Settings: Missing completely.
    extrusion rate and print speed removed from V5
    No way to alter extrusion rate and print speed except from command line.
    For me this is deal breaker. I make constant use of this function while tuning all new filament.
  3. 3rd:
    BUG: Accessory Controls Active tool head: Only one tool is shown in the controller.
    The profile was imported from V4.
    All tabs under Process FFF see available tools. Two are installed, each with two configurations.
    Machine Control Panel: Accessory Controls: Active tool head only sees Tool0
    I tried to generate a new Printer profile and it still only says I have Tool0.
    Maybe S3D cannot read the temp and position data from Marlin 2.1x?
  4. Registry based configurations:
    Thank You: for finally moving the settings out of the registry.
    Everything V4 and older stored so much data on one line in the registry that any one who tried to get serious about setting up filament and printer profiles found S3D becoming unstable, slow to start and exit. Even caused loss of data. I hope with this update those issue are a thing of the past.
  5. FR: filament profiles:
    There are still by far a great many functions in S3D that should be linked to the filament and need to change with Type, Brand or Color. I had hoped to see all this expanded in V5. -Please note Mango3D resin profiles manager for the kind of system I hoped to see in V5, maybe we will get in V6?
  6. BUG: Support Materials Generation: There is no way to turn this off.
    99.99% of the time I never have a need of supports. However since it cannot be disabled as it was in previous versions, now it asks me every time I go to print preview, "Would you like to add supports now?" No, I don't and stop asking me! -It's really going to ask me every single time isn't it... I even tried setting everything in the support window to 0 with no effect.
    By the way the reason it is asking. This test print consists of two processes. One is a material sample stick and the other is name badge that I add to the top of it. They are separate parts but print as one with their own specific needs. -It's modeling like that that makes S3D a crazy valuable tool.
    So anyway, apparently even though S3D is aware when models overlap and will warn of reprinted sections. It ignores this when considering for supports. That a part is not actually floating but arranged to be in contact with another part in a way requires no supports.
  7. FR: Infill Angle Offsets removed in V5
    It's not a deal breaker but I did appreciate the ability to use custom Infill Angle Offsets. I am sad to see this removed.
    Also sad to see that even with the new infill added there is no option for concentric. Yes I use concentric infill and although the function does not specifically exist. I create Processes with special settings to deal with this when needed.
  8. Feedback: Firmware configuration: Where is it?
    I mean I generally don't need to alter anything in the configuration but it's no longer in the Process or the Tools Menu. In fact I cannot seem to find anyway to alter anything of a machine configuration. Not one bit of it.
    It kinda looks like the only way, is to edit the files where the settings are stored.
    I had really hoped to see this section greatly expanded to take advantage of the many new abilities of our controllers. Fully configure S3D per controller, so it knows what we can really do, and inform it of controller or setup specific post processed to be implemented.
    Obviously we can live without this but I was surprised to see it evaporate rather than expand.
  9. Feedback: bed leveling & Macros: Assuming the Bed Leveling and Macro were abandoned due to assumption they are built into the machines?
    Thankfully I don't normaly use. I have tinkered with the function but I seem to recall there was an issue. Either crashing due to data stored in the registry or that it was local to the factory file rather than global. I think it was that it was stored to the factory file meaning if I changed files I lost the macros. While they were all but useless in S3D, with fixes they could be very useful. Where they were placed meant they worked well with how I used the control panel, filament changes, calibration and troubleshooting. The Macro let me store a set of quick commands to raise the head, and move it to a service position. Yes, I can also build this into Marlin, but there in is the other issue. The macro buttons, could have also been linked to the command to call the macro stored in the firmware, a global value.
  10. FR: Input Shaping:
    While there is nothing I expect from S3D on this topic. I would like to ask that there be a Check box and value fields to set, or enable disable the function. There are times when the function is not needed. Others when it makes a big difference. Yes we can add the command into the layer change script, so there is no Requirement to add this feature.
  11. Feedback: Support generation: no longer offers to export, import, manual placement.
    Another function I do not normaly use. But I can see the logic of it's creation. Until now its never been used by me as I don't create projects that require this. But If I did, it would be nice to have a preset supports file that S3D could extrapolate the supports to use. Extrapolate as in, locate edge of printed objects from Processes. The subtract from supports frame work, trim back a user defined distance, then apply Generative from this edge to contact Objects. With this in hand the supports themselves can exist as an entire Process all on their own.
  12. FR: Archwelder and related functions
    Marlin 2.x supports Arcs, and CNC functions. We have no way to control the arcs generated by S3D if at all. I use Archwelder with S3D and have gotten very good results. The one issue is that it does not respect Z axis. So Vase mode is improved with ArchWelder, but broken with the addition of a seem, since Z is sent separate from XY moves causing a pause.
    What would be nice is see functions implemented to capitalize on advanced functions added to firmware. To control generation of arcs, or disable them for more geometric finish. If applied separately to skins and infill, there would be separate speed and surface quality benefits. -Also "other" CNC related functions open the door to support AXIS that S3D has no way to deal with right now.
  13. FR: Skins
    Figuring out how to PREVENT the head from pausing, or changing direction while building a Skin is a major challenge, because depending on the material being used, blobs will form. Knowing this, and knowing that S3D has in fact made specific efforts to make the skins as clean as possible.
    I would like a tool to do the exact opposite. I want to be able to induce randomized stops in the skin, and control or randomize the delay in each stop to create a textured finish.
    Currently the only way to do this is with a post, post processor, like ArchWelder that looks at the compiled Gcode and then directly edits it. Trouble is tools like this made their own changes and apply all changes over the entire code. Thus, if I want only want to apply the behavior to specific Process, I cannot. But I think S3D can come up with a way to do this.
  14. FR: Documentation of commands, and scripting supported by S3D. Every one says to use various codes, and commands. In many cases, I cannot tell they do anything at all. At very least they cause no errors. "M104 S[extruder0_temperature] T0" , "{IF NEWTOOL=0}", as far as I can tell this does nothing at all. But then I also documentation of what scripted functions/commands are supported is very limited. Fortunately we know the replace command works. I make good use of that.
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Re: Comments and issues concerning V5

I'll try to answer a few of these right away.

#1 Feedback: Was the interface rewritten?
The V5 interface received many upgrades, but we still tried to maintain a very familiar feel. Some options moved very slightly, but most of the big things should still be in the same place (model list, process settings, menu options, keyboard shortcuts, etc). Upgrading the interface allowed us to implement a lot of highly requested features like dark mode, right-click menus, customizable keyboard shortcuts, high DPI support, customizable auto-configure options, and probably a dozen other things I'm leaving out. A lot of the big improvements are covered at the links below: ... rsion-5-0/ ... rsion-5-1/

#2 FR: The Over Ride Settings: Missing completely.
I believe there is already a feature request thread for this issue, so feel free to add your vote to the link below:

#3 BUG: Accessory Controls Active tool head: Only one tool is shown in the controller.
The options in the Machine Control Panel active tools dropdown are determined based on your profile. You choose the profile when you setup the connection to the printer. So just make sure you select a profile that has 2 extruders for example, and then you should see both of those extruders listed as separate tools. I just tested this with several of the 2+ extruder printers we have in the office and it looks to be working as expected. You may need to create a separate thread in the Bug Reports sub-forum with more details if you're still having problems.

#4 Registry based configurations
Glad you're happy with the change! It was a popular feature request that required a LOT of changes by our developers, but we definitely agree that it's a big improvement.

#5 FR: filament profiles
With V5, you can actually full customize exactly what settings are changed by the filament selection. For example, you might choose to change temperature, fan speeds, and the first layer speed based on the material selection. To change which settings are modified based on the material, go to Edit Process Settings, click the "..." button to the right of the "Save As New" button and choose "assign settings to categories".

#6 BUG: Support Materials Generation: There is no way to turn this off.
With V5, we added logic to try to automatically detect models that might require support material, but none had been added. The hope was to try to save hours of time printing a failed print by warning new users of the issue. Right now, we don't have a way to disable that detection, but this could be a great idea to suggest on the Feature Request sub-forum to see if others are interested.

#7 FR: Infill Angle Offsets removed in V5
You can still change the infill angle rotation by going to Edit Process Settings > Infill tab > and chaining the "Internal Pattern Rotation" angle.

#8 Feedback: Firmware configuration: Where is it?
The firmware configuration window was absorbed into other settings tabs and menus in V5. We found many users didn't even know that window existed, so now some of the options are more visible on the Output tab of the process settings and the Preferences page.

For some of the others, I would recommend creating separate bug report or feature suggestion threads in the appropriate sub-forums. For the bug report threads in particular, please be sure to include sample files, as that might be important for our team to recreate the issue.

Finally, we know it takes time to write out all of this feedback, so thank you for sharing it with our team! I will certainly make sure it gets documented and added to the feedback that we use to plan features and changes in future S3D versions.
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Re: Comments and issues concerning V5

Another issue...

  • Factory Files created for V4 and older do not work in V5:
    Although I have made headway in learning the new program. I have found that I am literally NOT able to use v5.
    I have taken time to make very exact FFF for the first several layers. I have complete control over almost everything. But apparently not as much as I thought. And I know this for two reasons. One the same exact file, on the same exact machine works in V4 and fails on V5.
    I exported a gcode file for both and compared them. In particular the first layer is missing some 81x lines. Since an extrude is connected to each line, it kinda makes sense on V4 the first layer is perfect but on V5 it's an under extruded mess.
    Thanks to issue No2 listed previously: No Over Ride Controls, I cannot compensate for the lost of material and figure out the new sweet spot.
    I haven't even gotten to the regular layers to compare. Though when doing an apples to apples of the gcode, regular layers typically varied by 3 lines or less.
Additional updates to previous noted issues or requests coming. Microsoft and its need to reboot no mater what, destroyed some work and so its taking a bit to retype it all.
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Re: Comments and issues concerning V5

Just because EVERYONE doesn't use something doesn't make it useless. Microsoft plays that card and it is really annoying. Google Occasionally does this too. I think they are all trying to shake things up like Costco to keep it fresh. But in the process they abandon things that were really good.

I don't use S3D because it is simple. Infact the name has always been a Oxmoron to most of us.
S3D is a powerful Swiss army knife. It does way more than we need. And that is why we like it.
If we wanted simpler interfaces and more AI, those products are dime a dozen.

Those of us who see the power of S3D remain dedicated because it is a powerful tool.

Any trouble we are having. I don't know, well, even if it is not part of the interface. We can script it, and through maybe some really complicated scripts and multiple FFF we can make it work. I know, because I have done it. Though I still hope to see featured added that will allow for things I did the long way to become simpler to invoke.
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Re: Comments and issues concerning V5

  • Dynamic reduction of speed: As a radius decreases, the speed of the head should also be reduced slightly. Thermal images would explain why this is valuable.
    Edit: Looking over 5.0.0 and 5.1.2, I have realized part of this may have already been addressed. Not as in depth as I was asking but, at the very least it is on the same page. I might well be able to use the High Flow rates reduction tool in a very similar way.
    I also note that some of the dynamic function I was asking for are included on the speed page. However I do not know if they are used in the way as I have hoped or if they are simply per FFF values. It would be really nice to see these as ranges that take effect based on behavior and criteria. Still, I had not thought to base a speed reduction on flow rates. Yet all of these tools seem to be either in the ON or OFF state, versus Dynamic. I am glad see they are included all the same.
  • Skin Tools: Lumpy, Smooth Arcs, Low Poly, Ultra Z Step: Skin Options
  • Machine Control Panel Evolution: Better control, for when we need it
  • Scripting please: We need a comprehensive page describing commands and their uses.
    Especially since we now have colored scripting!
  • G2 / G3 out of the box: Arc Support. I have asked for this one to be added to a new tab in Machine control with editing of the profiles. That way if it is enabled, it is enabled for just a specific machine. Its a powerful tool and more machines are starting to support.
  • V5 restore the speed and extrusion knobs/method: Self Explanatory. Also mentioned in other requests.
  • Variable settings wizard: by Layer, or by Line.
  • Warm, Purge, Print, Purge, Retract, Cool, Wipe
  • Better Ooze management through dedicated Global value: filament profile data

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