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Skin Tools: Lumpy, Smooth Arcs, Low Poly, Ultra Z Step

  • Lumpyskin:
    I'd like a function added that allows me to increase the number of pauses on the skin, regulate how long the pause, perhaps also an extra extrude. Lumps are caused on a well tuned machine simply by the head pausing even for a moment. The material in the hot tip keeps expanding with the heat and oozes slightly. I think we can and should take advantage of this.
  • Lumpy skin should be random:
    I remember also an issue that was described by iTunes users where they noticed that RANDOMIZED tunes were not really random, at least they sometimes looked very clustered, despite the randomization. So they introduced a mechanism they referred to a less randomizer. basically it looked at the chosen files and removed those that met a criteria for how often one from the same author or album was allowed to to popup. For a skin this would be a matter of insuring the lumps are not to tight or too loose, over an area, rather than by layer. However a user should also have control over how lumpy or how smooth the skin is.
  • Arc Skin:
    Addition of arcs, enabled by an option in the Firmware profile: Machine Control. Arcs can be applied to all curves automatically or enabled as features of Skin and Infill. Arcs, when correctly configured in both firmware and S3D should both simplify the code, speed up printing slightly and higher quality parts.
  • Low Poly:
    While this is often something that is created when an object is exported as STL, I think S3D could also create a limited version of this by deliberately disabling arcs and increasing the linear segment length in an arc. If I am saying that in a way that makes sense to a Dev?
  • Ultra Z-step:
    Honestly this might be something may machines will not easily handle. If the Z-axis supports high res. Z can be raised gently while printing rather than all at once in it's own step. I think it is possible something like this is already been implemented in V5 but I am not currently able to test. Really this without question should be part of vasemode. I know a feature was added to reduce lumps. Maybe this was it.
    the point of this particular request is to add a function that prevents the Extruder from stopping to raise the head a layer. While some materials like PLA do not have a high expansion rate, materials like PETG, and HDPE do expand rapidly, so any pause or stop creates a defect. This is fine if we WANT to generate a lumpy skin. This is not fine if we want smooth skin.

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