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Slowdown First few layers

Can we have a feature to slow down the first few layers (definable) of a print without having to create separate processes.
Just like how we can slow down the first layer... There should be an option to slow down say the first 2, 4, or 10 layers as defined by the model.

Because of the high speed printing available now, sometimes. Before you start printing at 200mm/s, you want to print the first 10 layers at say 50mm/s to increase your chances of success
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Re: Slowdown First few layers

I know most customers right now accomplish this using the variable settings wizard. They choose exactly how much of the model they want printed at lower speeds and then it automatically makes the necessary processes. It's useful to visualize where the split plane will be in the 3D view since small parts may need a few more layers printed at the lower speeds.
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Re: Slowdown First few layers

Having number of slow layers being definable in open source offerings is a game changer, and would love to see this in S3D.
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Re: Slowdown First few layers

Would it be possible to locate where in the GCode that the speed is changed; then move that down further into the layer printing. I am not fluent in GCode commands, but there should be a pattern (does S3d change the speed for each layer ???).

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Re: Slowdown First few layers

@ Monty3DP
you can group processes. Once grouped if a setting between two processes are them same they will stay linked when you make a change.
I did not know this for the longest time. just wish it made text a different color for setting which are different in process which will not change in in another. Here I am making a change thinking it is changing the other process as well when it is not.

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