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multiple BabySteps on one layer

Many clever things can be accomplished with S3D that no other slicer can. Yet I find myself at a loss to create this one. Without some nonsense processes.

Right now I create a brim. The brim is part of the model and easily removed later. But the brim serves not just to help hold the part to the bed but also to clean and smooth out the flow rate prior to the real work beginning. I use baby steps to repeatably set the tip to a point that might not be realistic any other way, to tune out the best first layer offset.

But as I increase the flatness of the bed and the gradient of the z axis I have found a new issue. The best layer high wont stick at first. So basically the brim needs to be a far tighter layer than the part, still on layer 1. But I have not yet figured out a way to script in a change of baby steps between the brim and the first actual outer layer of the part.

I could create a sacrificial part that would serve as the brim, but I suspect it would not work quite the same.

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