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Different accelerations for Infill and outer perimeter?

Hey all,

I´m using S3D 5.1.2 and searching for settings to use different accelerations with my voron 2.4 300 to get out faster prints.

Means higher accelerations like 15k for the infill and 5k for the outer perimeter.

Is it possible?
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Re: Different accelerations for Infill and outer perimeter?

It's mostly possible by adding something like this to your post-processing script:

{REPLACE "; feature bridge" "SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT ACCEL=1250\n; feature bridge"}
{REPLACE "; feature skirt" "SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT ACCEL=1000\n; feature skirt"}
{REPLACE "; feature infill" "SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT ACCEL=2500\n; feature infill"}
{REPLACE "; feature dense infill" "SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT ACCEL=2500\n; feature dense infill"}S
{REPLACE "; feature support" "SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT ACCEL=2500\n; feature support"}
{REPLACE "; feature dense support" "SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT ACCEL=2500\n; feature dense support"}
{REPLACE "; feature gap fill" "SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT ACCEL=2500\n; feature gap fill"}
{REPLACE "; feature solid layer" "SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT ACCEL=1500\n; feature solid layer"}
{REPLACE "; feature inner perimeter" "SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT ACCEL=2500\n; feature inner perimeter"}
{REPLACE "; feature internal single extrusion" "SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT ACCEL=3000\n; feature internal single extrusion"}
{REPLACE "; feature outer perimeter" "SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT ACCEL=1800\n; feature outer perimeter"}
{REPLACE "; feature external single extrusion" "SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT ACCEL=1800\n; external single extrusion"}
{REPLACE "; feature prime pillar" "SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT ACCEL=1800 \n; feature prime pillar"}

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