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Different extruder speeds with IDEX printer


Can we configure different print speeds for the two extruders on the Snapmaker J1? I understand the General speed settings... They seem to be global;
General Speed Settings.png
General Speed Settings.png (16.21 KiB) Viewed 197 times
The left extruder uses PETG and the right one TPU. It would be quite nice not having to let the low print speed of TPU limiting the PETG print speed.

Thx :-)
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Re: Different extruder speeds with IDEX printer

One easy option is to use Edit Process Settings > Speeds tab > Reduce print speed for high flow rates. Once you enable that option, you can control the flow rate for each extruder independently. If you use a lower flow rate for the TPU extruder only, then only that extruder will be slowed down.

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