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When will be availabe Manual for S3d?

HI Guys
How many more years will we wait for a manual? Brag that you have made 120 improvements but do not know how to use them , Years fly by and Manual is not there and instead of solving the problem with the manual you have to sit and read tons of things that have nothing to do with your problem .
So I ask when will there be a manual for software S3d , because when you had to pay for the new version we had to pay at once . I asked you 2 months ago when will be a manual and as I see the talk ended .

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Re: When will be availabe Manual for S3d?

Is there any particular setting you need help with? Most of them just have a single setting with the same name that was added to the process settings. The new settings search in V5 can also be very helpful for locating the correct item.

Anyways, let us know what you need help with and I'm sure there are people here that could assist!
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Re: When will be availabe Manual for S3d?

Oftentimes people are in a time crunch and can't wait for an answer from the community.

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