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Flying supports

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2024 4:42 pm
by EVO1
What is the solution to not print support structures in the air?
I wanna use support and dense layer expansion so there will not be small blobs on the print model but a nice/solid support structure instead.
By doing so S3D prints the support simpliy in the air instead of building a fundament. Bambu slicer is doing it correctly - is there any improvement for that?

Re: Flying supports

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2024 1:20 pm
by S3D-Jason
That looks like a very large expansion distance... Have you tried lowering it to more like 0.5mm? That should be plenty to move the blobs away from the print and then you won't have such large overhangs.

Re: Flying supports

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2024 3:12 am
by EVO1
I know that I can reduce the value the question is if there will be a solution to work with higher values for support expansion.
Also S3D is printing support structures into the infill or even other model structures if the expansion value is higher.