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Idle extruder initial temperature

Is there any way in Simplify3D when using both extruders to stop the initially idle extruder from heating up to full temperature before dropping back to idle temperature? I have a print with two processes, one for each extruder, where the second extruder doesn't even start extruding until the second process starts.
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Re: Idle extruder initial temperature

I know a lot of starting scripts do purge and cleaning routines for both extruders, so that's one reason many of the profiles will at least initially heat both of them together.

If you wanted to get rid of that, you could potentially add something like this in the post processing script:
{REPLACE "M109 S210 T1" "M109 S80 T1"}

That would basically replace the last T1 preheating command at the top of the file with a different command that uses a lower temperature. The M109 command usually only appears once for T1, and it comes after the M104, so replacing it just once should do exactly what you want.

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