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Pause at layer Question

Can someone decipher this code. I got this from a friend to change filament at a layer. he said to just change the layer and put it ito the Process Change Tab.

I thought I was supposd to see the M117or whatever it is. Does the Comment 'Replace' negate that?

{REPLACE"; layer 9, Z = " "\nG1 Z100 X30 Y30\nM0\n; layer 9, Z = "}

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Re: Pause at layer Question

Depending on the firmware, different pausing commands might be used. The most common commands are M0, M1, M600, M601 for Marlin, PAUSE for Klipper, QIDI, CrealityOS. Your friend's machine looks like it's using M0 for the pause. The REPLACE command used should work, but the following two methods are usually what I'd recommend.

Method 1:
Place the following in the Pre Layer Change Script (### is the layer you wish to pause at):
{IF "[current_layer_number] == ###"}M600

Method 2:
Going to Tools -> Variable Settings Wizard, select 'Different settings for different Z-ranges'. You can then add change in processes at different z-heights, this will create multiple processes. Then, in the second process go to Scripts -> Process Change, and paste this:

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