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Print times fix

Make them accurate. So out you just can't work with them.
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Re: Print times fix

Print times are highly dependent on the machines and their acceleration, max feedrates, etc, etc. Not all printers have the same values, and I'd say most printers have different values from one another, so it's probably impossible to get all of these values for all the different printers and then on top of that factor it all into the time calculation. If you optimize your settings to provide a common ground between best quality and time, just accept the fact that the print time estimate may be a bit off. You've already optimized your print the best you could have, what's the difference if the print time is a bit more than estimated?
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Re: Print times fix

But can't the software be adaptive?

E.g. if 10% of the print is already done and it took 20 min instead of the calculated 15 min, Simplify3D should already know it was too optimistic and recalculate based on that. (Most browsers do something similar if you download a large file, the time-remaining is always re-evaluated on the go).

If Simplify3D tries to be even more clever, it could store those adjustment values and tries to calculate an even better estimate for the next print.
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Re: Print times fix

Yes, they could easily be adaptive. It could keep statistics and home-in on being more accurate.

If it is always 2x wrong, then it can cut the display by a factor of 2.
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Re: Print times fix

Mine are not that off:

Build time: 2 hours 21 minutes

Build time: 2 hours 35 minutes
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Re: Print times fix

Most of the time it is accurate for single parts.. I print small parts in batches.. With acceleration turned on and lots of fast travel movements, the estimate can be off by as much as 40%. Easy test... print a bunch of 1/4" pillars with a 3/16" hole.

I think the easiest way to fix this issue is give the user control over a print speed time and fast travel time modifier in the process file.

There is room in the Advanced Tab Or Other Tab

Something like:
Build Time Estimate Behavior

Default Print Speed Time Modifier %
X/Y Movement Speed Time Modifier %
Then in the print time gui, post the software estimated time along with the users modified time.

and while you are at it.. Supply a modifier for the Auto Arrange Spacing.

I love the software...btw...
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Re: Print times fix

I find that my print times take 10-20% longer then estimated by the software. Thats single and batch (20+) prints. I have prints that go upwards of 30-40 "estimated" hours taking up the entire bed. I would love to have a more accurate predicted time for quoting and scheduling prints.
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Re: Print times fix

When printing a single part I think the time is within maybe 5 to 10% of the estimate. When printing multiple parts the time is up to 50% longer than suggested, so I expect that difference.

It would be nice for it to learn though.
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Re: Print times fix

My issue is solved. Its from importing an old process file. The software was miss calculating the time it takes to infill a part. Setting the infill percentage range 15%-75%,.. the print time would only change by two minutes. Basically it was only calculating the outer shells.

So I loaded up the default printer file supplied with 3.0 and times are now tolerable.

If your print times don't change with infill percentage change, then you may need a new process file.
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Re: Print times fix

It would be nice to add a firmware adjust area. So that you could input your set firmware accelerations, etc so that Simplify3d could take those into account when printing. My times were not too off, but then I adjusted acceleration down quite a bit to get rid of some ghosting. This makes the time really inaccurate.

Obviously this area/tab wouldn't do anything to your print, it only applies to time calculation.

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