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Advanced seam hiding feature

Would be great if it were implemented features to hide the seam within the model as in the Kisslicer, putting the beginning and end of each line within the object.

I believe that that would have a great impact on the final print quality with regard to the finishing of seam and blobs reduction.


Paulo Bubolz
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Re: Advanced seam hiding feature

Great idea!! :D :D :D :D
If this feature would be implemented it will stop blob and seam.
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Re: Advanced seam hiding feature

This is an old post, but +1 to this.

This would be a highly useful feature.
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Re: Advanced seam hiding feature

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Re: Advanced seam hiding feature

Thanks for your feedback! Seam hiding is obviously a very valuable tool for 3D printing, Any advancements that can be made in that area would be worth investigating. I've documented this feature request for our developers to review.
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