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File naming convention

I know different thoughts are already in the feature request.
How about an option in the configurations to choose a convention.

I always name mine like this: ABS_RABBIT_200um_180min.gcode
If you had multiple FFF it would read: ABS_RABBIT_200300150um_180min.gcode

You could pull from different fff data such as nozzle diameter, temperature, etc.
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Re: File naming convention

Definitely agree with that, gcode file should include identifiers for, material, print quality, printer...
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Re: File naming convention

Better yet an excel like spreadsheet option within the software to list and organize the profiles and pick from or something. Where they are sorted in an way that makes sense, like starting with the printer and then once you select that everything else

I am starting to figure out a way to organize these and my naming is going something like this
printer, filament type, filament brand, filament color

Artemis PLA Inland White

Then I am making tuning profiles to dial in what would be in the above FFF and the naming of these will be something like this

Artemis PLA Temperature Tuning

This would include basic parameters and the proper settings to print a temperature test piece, then you would enter that ideal temp into the "Artemis PLA Inland White" profile, then proceed to the next tuning profile for the next parameter and so on until you had a perfectly dialed in filament for that printer. .....This could be greatly improved and done by S3D though.

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