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Gcode for Z clearance at start of print??

Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:31 pm

I'm having trouble getting my s3d gcode to let me raise the z axis up by 5-10mm before it moves into position to start printing, what i want it to do is heat up then home all axis (or home first i dont care which way), then raise the nozzle by a few mm just to clear the screw head and glass clips on the edge of the bed, then move to the starting position for the print, then lower the Z axis back down to the starting height for the print.

ive tried G1 z10 F3000 ; but that raises the nozzle as i want then drops it down again before moving to the starting point, is there any way to change it so the Z axis moves down after the X and Y have moved to starting position rather than before. thanks

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