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Minor bug in new support feature

Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:06 pm

I've just spotted an inconsistency in one of the new features for supports....

If you specify dense support layers, then the dense layer on the top of supports is printed (quite correctly) at 90 degrees to the support layer underneath it...this gives good support for the dense layer. However, the dense layer at the bottom of the support is printed obeying the support infill angles....and in the case of a single angle or where the first and second layers are the same angle, then the dense layer is printed at the same angle as the first normal support layer. This doesn't give a very good foundation for the support!

Surely, the dense support layers at the bottom should be printed following the same rules as the dense layers at the top! At present, the dense support layers at the bottom are a waste of effort!!!!
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