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Re: Network Printing

Network printing not supported ?
That's bad, I guess I will use this "two weeks money back" thing they offering. Because its inconvinient to use my Monoprice Voxel (Flashforge Adventurer 3 flashed) without a LAN.
I wish they had a demo version, this way I would avoid buying this software to start with.
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Re: Network Printing

Add me to the request for network printing to the Dremel Digilab 3D45 - I'd love to be able to do this from Simply3D


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Re: Network Printing

I would also very much like to be able to communicate directly with my printer from S3D. I have a Qidi X-Plus and currently I have to save the gcode from S3D then use the original Qidi control panel to move the file to the printer (defined by IP address) and tell it to 'Print'.

It works, but it's tedious, and to not have this facility is a very poor show for a piece of software that is (a) so highly recommended and (b) paid for.

Most of the time I'm not interested in sending commands directly to the printer, so for me, having a way to send the file to the printer then tell it to 'print' in one step from S3D would be sufficient.

Can you post an update on this request please? It seems it's been outstanding for years now.
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Re: Network Printing

My FlashForge Adventurer 3 yearns to be found on the network. Oddly, you can only use the USB port when the Camera is disabled. I do think it simply makes sense to make use of the ubiquitous network access that the vast majority of people have in order to remove an unnecessary complication of this empowering tool.


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Re: Network Printing

I would also like to have a network/http-connection to my Duet Wifi but I guess that will never happen as this thread is a couple of years old and nothing new is happening?
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Re: Network Printing

Stout wrote: Sun Feb 21, 2021 11:06 am I would also like to have a network/http-connection to my Duet Wifi but I guess that will never happen as this thread is a couple of years old and nothing new is happening?
Sure seems short-sighted. Cura now has a plugin that enables it - and that works with my printer. Sigh.
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Re: Network Printing

Add me to the list - Dremel 3D45. Their software can now print over the network and I'd love to see the functionality included in Simplify3D.
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Re: Network Printing

Add the Qidi X-Max as well. I'd really like to be able to print over wifi from Simplify3D.
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Re: Network Printing

Oh please please please for goodness sake add network printing via IP to the interface .

A good product but revisions are very slow and do not seem to keep up with competitors products. I am giving S3D 3 months more and then I am jumping ship. Support over a serial com port is circa 1995 at best guys.

At least give us an idea of when you think it may be released would be appreciated, thanks.

Support for the inbuilt camera is probably too much to ask as well ??? :/

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Re: Network Printing

+1 here, going to request my 2 week refund and try again once this feature is implemented.

Note for the dev team, this is suuuuuuper simple to implement. POST the gcode to http://<printerIP>:80/print_file_uploads, with form data name="print_file", filename="<filename.gcode>", then POST to the /command endpoint with PRINT=<filename.gcode> in the body. Boom. Done.

I'd be more than happy to provide a .pcap of an example conversation.

Camera access is also ridiculously simple to access. Just pull the MJPEG stream from http://<printerip>:10123/?action=stream

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