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Global setting in FFF Profiles

I have read a lot on editing .FFF profile and putting certain setting under any auto-config. For printers with 1 extruder, this works really well for customizing Simplify but I have run into some issues recently while working with a 4 extruder printer (Stacker S4).

Does anyone have a way of making certain settings the same across all extruders? With one extruder, it is easy to put ooze control setting under the Material auto-config. However, with 4 extruder heads, if I want to make a tweak to the ooze controls, I have to do it on all four extruders.

I noticed that there is a <globalExtruderTemperature>, <globalBedTemperature> and a <globalExtrusionMultiplier> option that will input these settings into the whatever Auto-Config Extruder you are using (If Extruder 1 Only is selected, all the setting are automatically updated for that extruder). Is there a way to do this for Ooze Controls?

I also noticed that when using different layer temps, the global code doesn't work and each extruder will end up with its own layer setpoint temps. This is really annoying seeing as printing temps has everything to do with the type of material and nothing to do with the hotend.

Does anyone have a way or any tips on making these setting global over every extruder?
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Re: Global setting in FFF Profiles

You could just copy and paste all 4 of the <extruder> sections in each <autoConfigureMaterial> section. Then you can make whatever edits you need for each of the 4 extruders.

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