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New Guide for 3D Printing Materials

Our team is constantly working with customers that are trying to use new materials with their 3D printers. We frequently hear questions about what material to use for different applications, or tips for how to improve your print quality with a specific material.

To answer all of these questions, we spent the last year researching and testing the most popular materials to produce our Ultimate 3D Printing Materials Guide! The guide is packed with detailed information on over a dozen different materials, including pros and cons for each material, best practices, pro-tips, and even hardware requirements so that you know what materials will be suitable for your 3D printer.

The guide also includes a detailed Properties Table that lists over 25 different physical and mechanical properties for each material, as well as a built-in comparison tool so that you can easily compare one material to another.

We hope the information in this guide will help answer many of the common questions we see on this forum. We will be continuing to add to the guide as new materials emerge, so be sure to let us know what filament you would like to see next!

Materials Guide:
Properties Table: ... ies-table/

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